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People tend to spend more time at work than at home. That means a commercial business needs to provide a comfortable environment for its employees. Uncomfortable working conditions can lead to a decline in productivity and, ultimately, a negative impact on the company’s bottom line. Carter Mechanical is here to help with our expert air conditioning system installation and repair services.

We specialize in fixing two problems at once: unhappy and uncomfortable employees, and the loss of their productivity. Our commercial unit repairs and installs include split systems, roof-top AC units, air filtration systems, make-up air systems, and server room cooling units. If you are planning to build your commercial space or take on a build-to-suit project, we can design, build, and install cost- and energy-efficient AC units.

Our Commercial AC and Heating Services

Commercial HVAC Repair

When your commercial heating or cooling system breaks down, you don’t want to waste time guessing at what the problem is. You want a company that can quickly pinpoint the issue and complete your commercial HVAC repair. Our extensive diagnostic processes allows us to identify and fix most issues on the same visit. This means less downtime and discomfort. So, the next time your RTU or commercial AC starts acting up in Yale, give Carter Mechanical a call.

Commercial HVAC Installation

New commercial HVAC equipment represents a large investment. But, if done correctly, your company in Yale can save big on heating and comfort costs. Carter Mechanical employs HVAC engineering experts who can design a system tailored to the needs of your specific business. This includes insulating problem areas and ensuring complete facility coverage. We take all steps necessary to minimize the interruptions posed by your commercial HVAC installation.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Local regulations require businesses to perform regular checks of their HVAC equipment. Typically, quarterly inspections are recommended. And, with larger systems, the costs of these visits can quickly pile up. But professional commercial HVAC companies, like ours, take steps to ensure you get your money’s worth. The expansiveness of our inspections allows us to prevent or contain the opportunity for a major breakdowns. This means less money spent on commercial HVAC repair in Yale and a longer equipment.

Building Automation

Building automation cuts your company’s energy use, leading to significant savings and increased comfort control. Our company will inspect your system and pinpoint areas of waste. They will also engineer systems to allow for central control of everything from ventilation to ductwork. These services include everything from steamtrap installation to pipe insulation and heating automation.

For companies with electrical or plumbing knowledge, you may also see building electrification and water recirculation pumps under this umbrella.
If environmental friendliness is one of your company’s goals, you should start by giving Yale’s favorite commercial HVAC experts a call.

Commercial HVAC Units in the Yale Area

Businesses in Sandusky and Capac are as unique as the entrepreneurs who started them. This means that the heating and AC needs of every company are best met through a personalized comfort plan. Crafting the perfect solution requires us to be knowledgeable in a wide array of commercial HVAC equipment types, including:

Packaged Systems:

Packaged units—as the name implies—bundle together the condenser, fan coil, evaporator, thermostat, and compressor. This allows for more compact heating and AC and is ideal for buildings without the square footage for separate units. This single unit can cool and heat, eliminating the need for separate equipment.

Packaged systems are popular in hotels, condos, and senior homes. This is because their design allows for economical room-by-room temperature control.

Whether you want to replace every packaged terminal in the building or just need someone to deal with a troubled block, our commercial HVAC experts are ready and able to assist. Give (810) 387-4452 a call to schedule service in Capac, Sandusky, or Yale.

Split Systems:

For areas bigger than single rooms, residential building in Yale will typically opt for a split system. Split systems are connected to a building’s existing ductwork. They also work well for small offices, restaurants, and individual storefronts. Each area comes with its own thermostat or can be controlled through a central system.

The main issue with these systems? Each space you want controlled needs its own HVAC unit. This clutters your roof or the outside of your building. If excessive, it can turn even the most attractive building into an eyesore. You can zone these systems, but the cost is normally prohibitive.

Rooftop (RTU) Systems:

An RTU or rooftop unit is a large packaged unit on the roof of your building. They are equipped with weather resistant housings to protect all major opponents. They are also compact and bring condenser, air handler, compressor, evaporator, and blower into one package. They arrive fully assembled from the factory. Some RTUs only cool while some units can both heat and cool.

In terms of limitation, most are based on architecture. These units lose effectiveness if required to heat or cool a building taller than 10 stories. Their structure also requires a flat roof for safe and stable installation. If you want to schedule an RTU repair or replacement, give (810) 387-4452 a call. We’ve been servicing these supersized units in Yale since 2003.

VRF (Ductless) Systems:

Relatively new to America—but fairly popular in Europe—VRF systems are ductless. They rely on heat recovery systems and heat pumps to circulate refrigerant from a central outdoor unit throughout the building. Their segmented setup also allows them to transfer heated air to areas that need it while also cooling other areas. The rate at which this refrigerant is distributed determines the temperature of an area. These systems are quiet and take up very little real estate in your building. Their lack of ductwork and compact size also make them easy to install. When compared to traditional ducted systems, VRFs are 30% more efficient than ductless systems


At Carter Mechanical, we understand that heating preferences vary from person to person. Our heating repair and installation services cover a wide range of options. That includes furnaces, hot water and steam boilers, in-floor heating systems, roof-top units, geothermal systems, zoning systems, and more. Our services are available to commercial spaces, and we can design and install a system that will save your company energy and money.

If you need to cool a server room or data center, we have you covered. At Carter Mechanical, we can assist you with designing and planning for your new server room or retrofitting and updating your current space. We can even help you run more efficiently which can save you money in the long run.

Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC installation and repair services for commercial businesses.

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